DISC Assessment

Growth, performance and real engagement are top priorities for business today. Leading organizations are in the quest for impact. Having the right people, in the right role and the right time is key.

We offer a comprehensive set of assessment services aimed at talent selection, development, succession planning and decision making. We are using our experience with some of the world-class organizations, our assessments can help you eliminate doubts/decrease risks when recruiting, setting assignments and forming teams, all those are important decisions.

With Gabriela’s assessments you can more accurately identify:

  • Performance: the pool of leaders / high performers in your organization or in the job market.
  • Readiness: identify professionals who are ready for their next level within your organization or project.
  • Potential: assessments can help you detect potential that otherwise may go unnoticed.
  • Fit: you’ll be able to match people, roles and responsibilities in an effective way.

The assessments / solutions we offer to organizations and professionals are:

This Personality Style assessment measures the 4 quadrants of a participant’s personality. The results can show us one’s predictable behaviors, style of communication, preferred environments, reactions to conflict, values, preferences, strengths and more. Those quadrants are:

  • Dominance – Direct, decision makers, like to control situations, self-starter, solution oriented.
  • Influence – Outgoing, optimistic, talkative, enthusiastic communicator.
  • Steadiness – Stable, reliable, consistent, looks for safety and security, loyal team member.
  • Compliance – Organized, detail-oriented, needs accuracy and likes to be right, follows rules and procedures, exceptionally good at planning.
The assessments / solutions we offer to organizations and professionals are:


The DISC Assessment is one of the most versatile assessments available. It can be applied to business for purposes, such as recruiting, hiring, team building, leadership development, sales training, conflict resolution, stress management, to increase communication and productivity.