X-Ray your team

You are a team leader/manager. You want to get to know better your team’s profiles, abilities, address behavior and get better results. This is the assessment we recommend you. The TEAMS report/profile reveals simply how a team can work better together, with less stress and conflict. How to be a better communicator and how to use everyone’s talents and strengths. It will give you depth information about their:

  • Talents
  • Preferences
  • Communication styles
  • Leadership qualities
  • Challenge areas

Use the TEAMS Profile to identify the five individual key roles in team performance:

  • Theorist
  • Executor
  • Analyzer
  • Manager
  • Strategist
X-Ray your team


Professionals like you use it to measure the internal, natural role that a person will play on a team, and what their most effective role will be.  This TEAMS report describes the role, key value to the team, core strengths, and potential limitations for each thinking style. Great tool for HR, recruiters, team leaders/managers, manage new talent, allocation of talent in complex projects and for strategic decision making purposes.