If you are working for a sport organization, or are transitioning from being athlete into sport leadership or are active in Sport Management, this is for you.

Why leadership in sport?

Sport is an excellent vehicle for positive change in society. Leaders and managers work in sport organizations like yours. Gabriela’s work as coach can help you become more effective in addressing critical challenges as an experienced or new leader. If you want better decision making, organizational change, more diversity, strategic planning, and results, this is for you.

Sport organizations whether public or private operate with resources, time lines, teams, ambitious goals and a vision for a better world. Gabriela’s work strives to build good leadership and management practices within these organizations.


Global Sport organizations

Research now shows evidence of the positive contribution of participation in sport and physical activity, not only to health, well-being, human capital and educational and social achievement, but also to peace and sustainable development.

A survey of executive women found that 80% played sports growing up, and 69% said sports helped them develop leadership skills that contributed to their professional success.

That’s why, since 2007, a significant share of Gabriela Müller’s professional services has been dedicated to fostering leadership, good governance and best practices in sports organizations, from grass-roots to elite sport.

These are six reasons why we are the optimal partner for sport organizations world-wide.

  1. Our world-wide sport body clients have reached diversity and inclusion based on effective coaching and training solutions.
  2. We help you get ready to launch successful sport projects in all 5 continents.
  3. We have led successful talented professionals and leadership seminars, courses and mentoring programs world-wide. At every opportunity, we have coached and trained medium and large groups (from 30 to 400 participants). Overall, we have coached talent in sports organizations in over 80* countries (*as of 2017).
  4. Our work has strengthened international sport bodies world-wide (associations, clubs, sponsors, sport federations).
  5. Our clients improve their internal practices, ethics, leadership pipeline and female talent in leadership.
  6. When sport flourishes in a society, well-being increases in our society.

What is the current and future challenge in your sport organization or community?

Let’s talk.

Watch Gabriela Müller in action and see some of the Testimonials of her work in leadership and sport.