Gabriela Mueller and her global team has a vision. A world where people can thrive and be successful. It’s an ambitious vision of a world based on diversity of thinking and background where everyone have equal chances to make decisions in business, economy, politics, education and society. Everything she does (coaching, training, speaking, writing) aims at creating that world.

WHY we do this

Because the world today requires authentic and courageous leadership to create a surrounding environment of trust and growth for all.

WHY we do this

HOW we do it

We build experiences in which you and your teams will encounter new paradigms, practical, applicable knowledge and techniques. All this embedded in engaging, interactive moments using proven models which encompass movement, humor, modern adult learning techniques, audio-visual methods, music, research and joyful, human interaction.

These transformational experiences serve thousands of people in over 80 countries world-wide. Thousands of participants who have lived it up with Gabriela’s work. (see testimonials). These experiences come in different formats: from three full-day seminars, or 90 minute engaging talks with large audiences and individuals. These experiences are enablers of their own WHY (vision/mission) for leaders and organizations.

We work as team with you in productive, intense, challenging, provocative talks, round table, exercises. You will experience Aha-moments, breakthroughs and memorable chances to leap.

HOW we do it

WHAT we do

We create transformational leadership experiences. These solutions are better described by our clients as:

  • Energetic and interactive sessions.
  • Dynamic, fun and engaging human experiences.
  • A platform for growth opportunities in a relatively short period of time.

Possible formats:

  • Three to five day face-to-face seminars on all five continents (audience from 80-500 people).
  • One day experiences for teams and leaders (audience 12-40 people).
  • One to three day courses/experiences for senior executive teams (outdoors and indoors – audience size 8-20 people).
  • 90 minute talk for your staff (audience size medium and large audiences of several hundreds).
  • 45 minute Skype/telephone call as a one-to-one executive coaching session.
  • 60 minute global webinars (audience size 40-300 people online).
WHAT we do