RESULTS AND NEWS FOR SECOND SEMESTER 2017 – Gabriela’s impacting organizations world-wide and is on the move!

Gabriela’s work has impacted women in different corners of the world in 2017, so far:

From empowering new female leaders in Sport and government in Mexico City, January 2017 to senior female leaders in March around International Women’s day in Europe.

Gabriela’s has also focused on growing industries such as STEM (Science Technology Energy and Mathematics) empowering new leaders and organizations leverage their talent.

Coaching and professional training provided in these months has resulted in three concrete outcomes:
• Diverse teams reducing conflict and finding synergy to perform better
• Raising the quality and quantity in diverse teams propelled by true inclusion
• Better business results for mid / senior leaders in Europe and Latin-America.

Gabriela Mueller GmbH has opened up a new branch in the Swiss German part of Switzerland and changed its company status. This step helps leverage her national and world-wide operations, especially with large corporations and global NGOs.

NEWS: Gabriela will launch a new series of high quality Online content, in a clear development stage for her clients. In the second half of 2017, she will soon provide:
• Series of Podcast in both English and Spanish
• Crowd-cast live world-wide sessions for her past and loyal clients to reconnect.
• Video content and online courses.

WIN Conference in Oslo, Norway Sept 26-Oct 1, 2017. Reserve the dates. WIN is by far the preferred global Women’s conference. Gabriela will be one of the leaders for an engaging session “WOW Your Amazing Elevator Pitch – Ver. 2.0 celebrating 20 years of existence WIN will reunite 800 amazing women from all over the world to celebrate, learn, grow and connect. Gabriela will join the celebration More info under

In November Gabriela Mueller  GmbH will host the first Forum for Women in Business in the Bern / Fribourg / Biel /Mitteland in strategic partnerships in the region. Don’t miss it.

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Gabriela’s next stops include:

• Kingdom of Bhutan
• Bolivia
• Costa Rica
• United States
• Mexico
• Senegal
• Ireland, Norway and several other European capitals. Let’s stay connected, receive news about her visits and stops in 2017.

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