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What’s in it for your organization when it comes to diversity and inclusion?

It is proven that Inclusive cultures and organizations with Gender Diversity and real Inclusion achieve superior business outcomes and qualities which can drive action and culture change. Gabriela Mueller’s Gender Diversity and Inclusion solutions are based on this premise and are backed up by research, studies, pertinent diversity experts and 15 years of practical, global experience.

A more gender diverse and inclusive corporate culture generates more engagement which fosters greater innovation, creativity and bottom line results.

The benefits for you and your teams with working together on Diversity and inclusion are:

  • Higher productivity and profitability levels
  • Higher retention
  • Less conflict
  • Better working environment and more trust among team members.
  • Lower turnover
  • Attracting top talent
  • Better business decision making
  • Higher Returns
  • Development of Talent Pool and succession planning

Diversity means getting the numbers right, true inclusion is making sure the mix really blends and works.

“Companies with greater gender diversity in their leadership teams outperform those with less often by as much as 30%”
– Harvard Business School & Catalyst

Our Gender and Diversity corporate solutions help you and your teams identify stumbling blocks and assist in creating simple ways to overcome them. We lead engaging, collaborative workshops with ample time to interact and find solutions and answer questions. We can provide interactive and engaging sessions, or tailor a workshop to examine factors unique to your organization’s situation.

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities”
– Stephen R. Covey

You will be able to choose from several formats to deploy these solutions:

  • One day coaching sessions (senior management teams, or teams between 12-20 people)
  • Large seminar format (diverse audiences, sizes 60- 500)
  • Inspirational, engaging keynote speaking
  • Men-only sessions on gender intelligence – unique sessions where only men participate in a new platform and open up to special discussions and dynamics that launch gender awareness in your organization. For example the 90 minute talk “He Said, She Said” or similar gender smartness workshops.

“Any serious shift towards more sustainable societies and successful business has to include gender equality. It’s proven and it’s a challenge and opportunity in the years to come“.
– Gabriela Mueller



  • Join gender smartness specialists, Thomas Gelmi and Gabriela Mueller in this dynamic and interactive talk/workshop
  • insights into communication and behavioral differences between men and women in the workplace
  • Discover the impact of key verbal and non-verbal communication differences and how you can make them work for you to get better results as professional and as leader.
Gender DiversiGender Diversi


  • Fresh and engaging experience to learn tools are applicable in every day situation (business and private life)
  • Self-awareness and how this impact results in an individual level
  • The area between Aggressiveness and Passiveness/Submissive attitudes is called Assertiveness. It’s a positive life skill that impacts all areas of life.
  • Do’s and Don’ts (assertive behaviors)
  • Eliminate practice that sabotage your success
  • It is aimed at women like you, who want to unleash their personal and professional power
  • You will be equipped with a positive set of behaviors, a self-confident mindset


  • Engaging keynote/training to have a discrimination-free, fair, inclusive, and commercially competitive organization.
  • Let Innovation, creativity, equity and productivity flourishIdentify and discover unconscious -or automatic- biases, discover who they can limit your results and outcomes in business

We can’t control the filters that others choose when they look at us, though we can learn to control our own filters. A bias recognized is a bias sterilized.


  • Being able to negotiate well can impact all areas of your life. Mastering this skill is crucial.
  • Men and Women negotiate differently, what works for men does not necessarily work for women.
  • Raise self-awareness about personal negotiating style. Learn about the 5 different negotiator style
  • Practical Do’s and Don’ts for women negotiating at the table).
  • Research shows that when women master this particular business skill, they (statistically) outperform men in negotiations. The return of investment of this solution is measurable and sustainable.


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