Inspire your audience and teams with Sports and Leadership solutions

If you represent a Sport organization and wish to develop leadership skills in your sport body (federation, club, association, committee, sport organization) Gabriela Mueller’s keynote talks, coaching and training solutions will help you.

If you are a business leader and want to draw similarities and lessons from the world of sport to add value to your professional teams, Gabriela’s work can help.

Gabriela’s 15- years of coaching and presenter’s experience involves working with leaders in sports, elite athletes and business teams. She translates this knowledge into applicable tools for you. She has championed leaders and sport bodies in a unique way to propel their positive impact on society.

To date, Gabriela’s work has had impact on people in over 80 countries. She has coached Olympians, leaders, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and professionals world-wide.

Statistics show that 95% of Fortune 500 top executives participated in athletics/sports in high school.

It is possible that leaders and professionals like yourself develop what it takes to be an “Olympian” in our organizations and societies. Just as the majority of business leaders can learn a great deal from elite athletes, it is true that professional sportsmen and women have the ingredients to become great leaders in business and society.

There are outstanding parallels between high performance sportsmen/women and leadership. Gabriela’s work in Sport Leadership reveals exactly what those similarities are and how to foster them as a leader.


When you work with Gabriela you’ll be able to:

Increase Diversity in your sport organization. She helps you and your teams get the optimal representation of leaders (former athletes or sport leaders/managers) at the right decision making tables and get better results (at national and international levels).

Increase representation of women in your sport organization. Gabriela is the preferred provider for coaching and training of the most important organizations in the sports world. She has empowered thousands of women to become decisions makers in their clubs, associations, sport federations and even to an international level in different disciplines. She accelerates this process so your organization complies with new rules and regulations and achieves better governance.

Sports and Leadership

Good players inspire themselves.
Great players inspire others.


Gabriela’s work can help you and your staff extract the best lessons from the world of sports to build strong teams, authentic and strong leadership in your organization. Her experience includes over a decade of coaching work with elite athletes, Olympians and world-class players. She applies this in a simple and applicable way to the business world. Discover how this can propel you and your results.

What is the current and future challenge in your business or sports organization or community?

Let’s talk.

Watch Gabriela Müller build the case for Gender Equality in Sports Management and Leadership

See Gabriela’s work with elite athletes, sport organizations and sports leaders

Katarina Witt German figure skater, gold medalist 1984/1988/ Olympian 1994